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When Pre-Workout Goes Bad and How to Prevent It

By Jenessa Connor

Does pre-workout go bad? We're sure you've been in this situation before: You peer into a container of expired pre-workout. It looks okay. You give it a sniff, and it smells fine. You don't want to be wasteful, but you're also not sure if rolling the dice is worth it. What do you do?

Get a clean boost of energy and the optimal mix of performance-enhancing ingredients with LADDER Pre-Workout.


How to Tell if Pre-Workout Is Expired

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Go ahead and hang up your detective hat. The best way to determine whether or not your pre-workout has expired is by looking at the expiration date printed on the packaging, says Shikha Snigdha, Ph.D., director of product development at LADDER. “These dates are established after testing to guarantee quality, potency, and efficacy of the product within that time frame," Snigdha says.

LADDER Pre-Workout's ingredients are carefully formulated to help optimize athletic performance.* Caffeine, L-citrulline, beta-alanine, and creatine help increase energy and delay fatigue, while L-theanine and phosphatidylserine help you maintain laser-sharp focus.*

However, the only way to ensure you're gaining optimal benefits from LADDER Pre-Workout is to consume it according to the instructions and before its expiration date.


Can Pre-Workout Go Bad After Mixing?

While it's best to allow some time between drinking pre-workout and hitting the gym (30 to 60 minutes is ideal), you should avoid preparing pre-workout too far in advance. “We recommend drinking pre-workout right away after mixing it up, or as instructed on the packaging of these products," Snigdha says.

On-the-go packets, because they include a single serving and require no measuring, make it easy to prepare pre-workout anywhere there's a water source. Just don't forget your bottle!


What Causes Pre-Workout to Go Bad?

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Pretty much anything meant to be consumed has a shelf life. Supplements, just like an apple, are susceptible to air and moisture and will begin to break down over time.

Based on scientific testing, expiration dates offer the most accurate timeframe for when it's okay to consume supplements. “LADDER Pre-Workout should maintain its quality as long as it is consumed within the expiration date provided on the package," Snigdha says.


Is It Okay to Take Expired Pre-Workout?

At some point, you've probably gambled with an expired product. Maybe you took your chances with yogurt just passed its “best by" date or, in a moment of desperation, heated up that forgotten jar of spaghetti sauce that technically should have been eaten three months ago. While you survived to tell the tale, you probably should have just tossed the questionable item.

The same rule applies to all supplements, including LADDER Pre-Workout. “It is never a good idea to consume any product past expiration date," Snigdha says.


How Can You Stop Pre-Workout From Going Bad?

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Preserving pre-workout's freshness comes down to proper storage. Use these tips to keep your pre-workout fresh.

1. Keep It In Its Container

LADDER's packaging is designed for storage, so avoid transferring LADDER Pre-Workout (or any other LADDER product) to a different container.

2. Stay Cool

The shelf by a sunny window or above the oven is probably not the best home for your pre-workout. Instead, choose a cool cabinet or, if you have room, pop it in your fridge.

3. Avoid Moisture

Never use a wet scoop to measure your Pre-Workout, and be mindful of humidity. Some rooms, like the bathroom, tend to have more moisture in the air. Find the driest space in your home to store Pre-Workout.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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