how much beta alanine to take

How Much Beta-Alanine to Take to See Results

By Andrew Heffernan

Are you wondering how much beta-alanine to take to optimize your workout performance? We've got you covered.

First, good call on adding the amino acid beta-alanine to your roster of supplements. If you're serious about getting fit, a growing body of research shows that bolstering your beta-alanine tank can help you exercise harder for longer. Over time, that may help support your individual fitness goals, such as more strength, less fat, greater muscular endurance, and more muscle.*

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What's the Minimum Effective Amount of Beta-Alanine?

“Beta-alanine has been studied at a wide range of serving sizes ranging from 800 mg per day up to 6.4 grams per day," says Dr. Emily Pankow Fritz, senior director of scientific affairs at LADDER.

In clinical trials, she says, supplementing with 1.6 grams of beta-alanine has been shown to increase levels of carnosine in muscles. That's important because carnosine creation is the goal of beta-alanine supplementation. The body combines beta-alanine with another amino acid called histidine to make a third amino acid called carnosine, which can help delay fatigue during intense exercise by buffering the buildup of acid in muscles.*

"Higher doses of around 1.6 grams [the amount in LADDER Pre-Workout] have also been shown to help improve exercise performance," says Fritz.

Can You Take Too Much Beta-Alanine?

Beta-alanine is safe at recommended servings, says Fritz, but always check with your doctor before taking any supplement.

“One of the side effects of beta-alanine is a harmless, temporary tingling sensation called paraesthesia that can last 30 to 90 minutes after you take it," Fritz says. When it occurs, the tingling happens in the hands, face, and neck and is dose-dependent.

So if beta-alanine makes you tingle, and that makes you uncomfortable, break up your serving size into smaller amounts during the day — half in the morning, half at night, for example. It doesn't matter when you take beta-alanine, as long as you take it consistently, because it takes a while for it to build up to sufficient levels in your body for you to notice a difference in exercise performance.

How Long Does it Take for Beta-Alanine to Work?

Regardless of your serving of beta-alanine, it takes four to six weeks to accrue enough of it in your system to impact your workouts. So take it daily and be patient — after a few weeks, you'll notice it helping make a clear difference in your strength and stamina.*

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