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The Rituals LeBron's Trainer Mike Mancias Lives By


As LeBron James nears his 20th year in the NBA, he's living out what people have half-jokingly referred to as the “fourth prime" of his career. Part of the reason he's been able to continuously compete at the highest level is because of the man behind his training and recovery regimen — Mike Mancias.

During his 14 years of working with LeBron, Mike has developed a winning blueprint for the superstar athlete that encompasses all aspects of performance, from strength training and recovery to preventative medicine and nutrition.

And as LADDER's Training and Performance Advisor, Mike is dedicated to helping create certified, high-quality supplements that are designed to unlock the next level in training and exercise for performance athletes.

Learn more about how his daily rituals have helped him get to where he is today.

From pre-workout rush to post-workout repair, elevate your performance with LADDER supplements.

1. What's the one ritual you practice every day?

I travel a lot and have very young children, so I always try to get a pulse on any milestones that might be happening in their life. First thing every morning, I check in on them. Making sure they are my priority, regardless of where I am, keeps me grounded and focused.

2. Do you have any health or fitness rituals?

LJ (LeBron) usually likes to train early, so that means my days typically start at 4:30 am. I'll get started with a packet of LADDER Pre-Workout, and then I complete a 20-30 minute workout. This is either 20-30 minutes of circuit training doing bodyweight exercise or weights.

3. Do you use rituals to help you achieve your goals?

Yes — setting goals can be an empty process unless you match your goals with the right mindset. Anything you want to do requires a lot of work, and the act of being consistent with rituals will help lay the groundwork to make sure the work gets done. When that happens, you'll not only hit your goals, but you'll have built habits that can also help you achieve other future objectives.

4. What was a big setback in your life? What did you do to come back from it?

I was turned down numerous times for positions with professional sports teams. This was a big goal, but most goals don't depend on how much time it takes to get there; it matters if you get there. So, I just worked harder and never took it personally or let it affect my mindset. I figured if I kept improving I would make it.

5. What advice would you give to anyone that feels unable to reach the next level of success?

Perspective can change everything. When things feel stuck, I think it's essential to take a step back from the issue. If you can do that, you might be able to see things differently and reassess your approach and methodology. Perhaps your struggles have nothing to do with you but just your current method, and there's likely a more efficient way to achieve the goal that you may have not considered.

6. When you're feeling drained, what do you do to recharge?

I love spending time with family to unwind. But if I'm on the road, I make it a priority to get outdoors. This could be anything from a going on a beach run or going for a walk, or just sitting outside.

7. Do you have any meal-time rituals?

As long as it's vegan, then I will partake!

8. What's your favorite quote of all-time?

"The way we do the little things is how we do all things."

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