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When Water Isn't Enough: The Benefits of LADDER Hydration

By Michael Martin

The beauty of water lies in its simplicity: Two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen combine to create the best no-calorie drink in the world. But sometimes, physical activity can take more out of you than water can efficiently restore. That's why it's a good idea to upgrade to a hydration supplement. LADDER Hydration is precisely formulated to help your body:*

  • Replace electrolytes*
  • Fight fatigue*
  • Promote endurance*

"LADDER Hydration is one of few products on the market that includes the important electrolytes and carbohydrates, in the ideal ratio, that are needed to help maximize rehydration and support performance," says Abbie E. Smith-Ryan, Ph.D., CSCS*D, associate professor and director of the Applied Physiology Laboratory at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, who helped create the LADDER line of products.

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What's in LADDER Hydration?

Each serving of LADDER Hydration contains:

  • Electrolytes
    • 390 mg sodium to help combat muscle cramps*
    • 150 mg magnesium to aid performance and recovery*
    • 190 mg potassium to help with fluid balance*
    • 310 mg calcium to improve muscle function and support bone health*

Will Water Keep You Hydrated by Itself?

Water is the best hydration source nature's created. But LADDER Hydration can help you rehydrate more efficiently. It's a scientifically-backed combination of electrolytes to help maximize fluid replenishment to help reduce the chance of muscle cramping, enhance performance, and amplify hydration, says Smith-Ryan.

What Are the Benefits of LADDER Hydration?

LADDER Hydration's formula includes a unique ratio of six nutrients that work together to help you recover faster.

Smith-Ryan explains:*

Sodium : Potassium is essential for fluid balance and helping minimizing muscle cramps.

Calcium : Magnesium helps with muscle contraction.

Potassium : Calcium can help reduce muscle cramps and enables optimal muscle performance.

How Is LADDER Hydration More Effective Than Water?

In addition to rehydrating electrolytes, LADDER Hydration contains energizing carbohydrates. "Decades of research suggest that the inclusion of carbohydrates combined with electrolytes is the most efficacious way to rehydrate around exercise," says Smith-Ryan.

LADDER Hydration also gives you more than some other sports drinks and hydration formulas currently on the market. "Many hydration products either are missing carbohydrates or lack enough electrolytes," explains Smith-Ryan.

"Specifically, they are made and marketed to be consumed at any point throughout the day. To be effective, a hydration product should be higher in sodium, potassium, magnesium, and calcium than our typically daily beverages. They should also taste saltier and sweeter — to help replenish micronutrients following exercise and increase the desire to drink."

When Can You Use LADDER Hydration?

Just about anytime and anywhere. But it's especially beneficial during or after a workout." LADDER Hydration would be beneficial in any scenario where some moderate sweating occurs, such as a 60- to 90-minute moderate-intensity workout," adds Smith-Ryan. "Additionally, LADDER Hydration would be beneficial in exercise environments that reduce muscle glycogen, as it will help with recovery."*

Plus, LADDER Hydration is packaged to go with you. It's available in a resealable bag with a scoop or convenient portable packets, so you can hydrate no matter where you are.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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