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Ladder is incredible because it tastes amazing, but also the quality is next level. I love that it is so transparent by testing every batch. They hold themselves to the highest standard, which is great for us to know that we are nourishing our bodies with the highest quality nutrients.

-Kelsey Heenan

Ladder Protein

Unlock the Power of Recovery

Good workouts require great recovery. When you give your body exactly what it needs, you can lose more fat, build more muscle, and bounce back faster to keep seeing results.

Certified for sport
Gluten Free
No artificial Sweeteners

The Most Important Nutrient

Protein is the building block of every cell in your body and it’s the foundation of a healthy diet. Your muscles need it to grow, repair, and stay young. Your fat loss goals require it to rev up your metabolism and keep you full to prevent overeating. No matter what diet you follow, getting enough protein is a key part of seeing results.


Guaranteed Supplement Safety

Did you know that supplement companies are not required to test their products and FDA regulation is limited? At Ladder, we invest in your health and safety and make sure every single batch is NSF Certified for Sport. It’s why nearly 40 professional teams trust our products. This ensures the quality, purity, and label accuracy of every Ladder supplement.


Perfect For Any Diet

Ladder offers both a whey-based and plant-based protein, all loaded with essential amino acids and BCAAs. Both are almost identical in terms of calories (just 130 calories per serving), amount of protein per serving, and bonus nutrients like probiotics. The only difference is that the plant-based option provides a dairy-free, vegan alternative, whereas whey provides a milk-based protein option.


Naturally Delicious

Our plant protein is offered in chocolate and vanilla. We use cocoa and vanilla beans, mixed with a touch of salt, and a hint of natural sweetener. The result: a healthy protein shake that tastes like dessert — without using any artificial sweeteners, colors, and flavors.

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Our Promise

Designed By Experts, Trusted By Pros

"I am constantly pushing my body, traveling, and on-the-go, which makes it harder to stay healthy. I always take my Ladder with me to make sure I stay energized, nourished and satisfied, and fuel my body with exactly what it needs to be performing its best.” -Kelsey Heenan

Try Ladder Protein
Ladder Protein

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Like Kelsey, we hope to help support your diet with healthy supplements that will allow you to enjoy life and food, and get the results you deserve. We’re 
so confident that you will love our products that we offer 
a no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee.

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