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Ever wonder why most pre-workout supplements make you feel terrible or only seem to work for a few weeks? We asked the world’s top scientists to uncover the best ways to get the most out of your workout every time you step into the gym.


How to defeat the crash

Want more benefits from caffeine? Use less. Only 100 mg prior to a workout will improve endurance, reduce the perception of fatigue so you can push harder, and reduce stomach issues. Plus, if you combine caffeine with at least 200mg of the amino acid theanine, you’ll experience razor-sharp focus and eliminate any jitters or crash.

Increase your natural energy

Dr. Abbie Smith-Ryan, Director of The Human Performance Center at the University of North Carolina, calls creatine “the best performance supplement ever created.” Hundreds of studies show that creatine fuels your natural energy source (ATP), increases power and strength, hydrates your muscles to prevent breakdown, and is safe with almost no side effects.

Fight fatigue and soreness

Beta-alanine is an amino acid that removes lactic acid, which is what causes your muscles to tire. Beta-alanine improves endurance when you run, powers intense exercise for extra reps, and has anti-aging and antioxidant properties. Anything less than 3 grams won’t make a difference, and higher doses might make you tingle (although the feeling is completely safe).

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Every batch of Ladder product is independently tested by NSF Certified for Sport “the gold standard for safety.” This ensures that what's on the label is actually in every product.
Try Pre-Workout


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