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Whey is the most recognized protein powder, but it doesn’t work for everyone. Here's how you can maximize the power of plants to unlock all of the benefits of protein while staying vegan, dairy and gluten-free, Paleo, and keto friendly.

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Speed recovery and build muscle with complete protein

Your body needs all of the essential amino acids, especially leucine (one of the BCAAs), to build muscle and recover faster from your workouts. If you combine pea and pumpkin protein, you end up with an almost-identical amino acid profile to whey protein, meaning your body has the optimal fuel it needs.


Avoid the upset stomach

Most plant-based proteins use brown rice and hemp protein, which you want to avoid. Both can be filled with heavy metals like lead and arsenic and can cause digestive issues. It's best to limit or avoid these sources when buying protein powders.


Upgrade your absorption

The quality of amino acids from most plant protein is not as good as dairy or whey. But, you can overcome this by using pea protein (which has better digestibility) and using digestive enzymes (included in Ladder Plant Protein), which help you make the most of every gram of protein.


Cleaner products with NSF Certified for Sport®

Every batch of Ladder product is independently tested by NSF Certified for Sport® “the gold standard for safety.” This ensures that what's on the label is actually in every product.

Try Plant Protein


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