Protein Designed to Maximize Muscle Growth and Recovery

The most important part of taking a protein is making sure you can trust what’s in it and that it has all of the nutrients you need. With Ladder, we do all the testing so there’s no more guessing about the purity, quality, or effectiveness of protein.

-Arnold Schwarzenegger

Ladder Protein

Why Arnold Co-Founded Ladder

I’ve had many failures in my life, movies, and politics — and in supplements. But, I didn’t let that define what could be done. You can’t always win. But, you can let your failures push you to even great heights if you don’t quit. That’s what we did with Ladder. We created something better. Because everyone deserves access to premium supplements that deliver better results.

Certified for sport
Gluten Free
No artificial Sweeteners

Upgraded BCAAs and EAAs

The most important part of any protein is the amount of essential amino acids (EAAs) and branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs). Ladder Plant Protein was formulated to provide a higher dose of EAAs and BCAAs than you’ll find in vegan sources, which gives your body what it needs to fully repair and support muscle gain, fat loss, and sports performance goals.


Tested for Purity and Safety

Supplement companies are not required to test their products and FDA regulation is limited. At Ladder, all products are NSF Certified for Sport and come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. This means that every batch of every product is tested to verify the quality and purity of the ingredients and ensure label accuracy.


Superior Absorption and Digestibility

Most plant-based proteins are incomplete, which means they don’t have all of the essential amino acids (specifically the BCAA leucine). Ladder Protein uses a complete plant-based protein with a higher protein digestibility score. And the addition of digestive enzymes and probiotics helps your body make the most of every gram of protein.


Naturally Delicious

Ladder Plant Protein is offered in chocolate and vanilla. We use cocoa and vanilla beans, mixed with a touch of salt, and a hint of natural sweetener. The result: a healthy protein shake that tastes like dessert — without using any artificial sweeteners, colors, and flavors.

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Our Promise


“I’m proud of what we have built and I love using our products. But, at the end of the day, we built Ladder for you. So you can also have supplements that you can trust because they are tested to the highest standards and proven to work.”
-Arnold Schwarzenegger

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Like Arnold, we hope to help support your diet with healthy supplements that will allow you to enjoy life and food, and get the results you deserve. We’re 
so confident that you will love our products that we offer 
a no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee.

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