At Ladder, we believe the best way to achieve your goals is to create rituals that build habits and set you up for success. These systems mean you don't have to rely on motivation (which can and will fade), and you have a plan to help guide you through any situation or challenge.

Use these rituals and apply them to your life to help unlock the next level in your training and nutrition. 

Schedule Movement Meetings

It doesn’t matter what activity you choose, whether it’s sweating at the gym or strolling in the park, daily exercise is good for your mind and body. Make a goal of getting at least 20 minutes of movement every day, and then block off the time in your calendar the night before and pick out your gym clothes. Adding an alert reminder is a simple way to add accountability
- Patrick  N., Head of Operations

Skip the Snooze

Everyone loves to stay in bed, but the snooze button can make you feel more tired and takes away extra time you could use in the morning. When your alarm goes, get up and avoid the snooze. It will be hard, but it’s an easy way to start each day with a victory.
-Andrew B., Partnerships & Retail Operations Associate

Write Daily Intentions

To-do lists are effective, but they also usually grow bigger before they shrink. You can keep your to-dos, but to maximize focus, begin the day by identifying 1-3 goals you’d like to achieve. Then, no matter what happens during the day, you know where and what to prioritize.
-Adam B. Chief of Nutrition

Start with Protein

Whenever you eat your first meal, make sure it includes protein. It can help with everything from fat loss and muscle gain to healthier hair and skin. Not sure what to eat? We got your back right here.
-Alex B, Digital Content Manager

Start with Sides

No matter what diet you follow, if you fill your plate with fruits or vegetables first, you’ll provide your body with the nutrients it needs, feel fuller at every meal, and eat fewer total calories.
-Moses S., VP of Digital Product

Schedule 5 minutes of Social (without the media) 

Every day, call friends or family to check-in. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with your busy life, but human connection is one of the best things you can do for your health. Just 5 minutes can make a difference.
-Kendall S, Sr. Brand Marketing Manager

Practice Stillness

Every night, block off the last 30 minutes before bed to clear your mind and wind down. This could be anything from reading a book, listening to a podcast, writing in a journal, or listening to music. Spend less time thinking about what you should be doing, and ensure there’s a moment to enjoy what you love doing.
-Therese G., Product Development Manager

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