Supermodel, Cindy Crawford, knows a thing or two about staying fit, but her training has changed a lot since her famous, Shape Your Body Workout. Today, she relies on a combination of nutrition (like Greens and Protein in the morning), strength training, and cardio. Here's an inside look at the full-body workout Cindy uses to get abs, feel fitter, stronger, and leaner, all without spending hours in the gym.

Cindy trusts personal trainer, Sarah Hagaman to help her set realistic goals that challenge upper and lower body and abs, and include just enough variety to keep things fun and challenging.

Give this Cindy Crawford workout a try. It's one of the exact routines created by Sarah, and you can build a schedule that allows you to complete it a few times each week. 

    The Cindy Crawford Workout

    This is a highly effective full-body workout for toning and maintaining lean muscle using a combination of:

    • Body weight training
    • Intervals
    • A few minutes of cardio


    Repeat the following sequence twice to begin your workout. 

    • 5 Inchworms
    • 10 Plank Walk-ups (from plank position come down to forearms and then back up to palms)
    • 20 Forward Lunges (10 each leg)

    The Workout

    Perform each exercise below for 1-minute. Timed sets can be difficult because you're not counting reps. If needed, start with 30 seconds and build up to 1-minute each.

    • Single Leg Standing Curl (hold your leg up in front for balance while curling 8–15 lb. dumbbells (30 seconds each leg). Make sure elbows are in and dumbbells come down all the way before you bring them back up.
    • Side Lunge to balance with one dumbbell. The dumbbell is in the opposite hand of the leg that is lunging and travels with you as you lunge.
    • Tricep Dips (off a bench, a chair, or even mat).
    • Plank Shoulder Taps (make sure hips are not moving as you slowly tap fingers across your chest to your shoulder).
    • Curtsy Squat with one dumbbell alternating left and right leg.
    • Hamstring Bridge position and triceps skull crushers. As you extend arms from 90 degrees to straight, squeeze hips up and down.
    • Sit-up to Dumbbell Chest Press. This is both abs and chest. Do one arm for 30 seconds and the other for 30 seconds.
    • Oblique Twists. Take dumbbells side-to-side with feet planted on the ground for lower back support.
    • Ab Scissor (slowly alternate straight legs making a scissor. If needed place hands under lower back for support).
    • Plank with alternating slow knee tuck.

    Cardio Finisher

    Sarah loves to have Cindy finish with a "cardio burst." This is only 90 seconds, but it'll get your heart pumping and end your workout on a high note. 

    • 30 seconds jumping jacks.
    • 30 seconds mountain climbers.
    • 30 seconds runner's hop (the same leg that lunges back hops up).

    Don't Forget About Diet

    Cindy lives by an "80% good, 80% of the time" mantra.  That means having easy diet habits that keep her on track.

    Each morning, she begins her day with a protein shake to help her feel energized and full for the morning. Here is Cindy Crawford's preferred protein, which she mixes with almond milk, ice, and her vegetables of choice.

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