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Green Protein Smoothie

Get your daily dose of Greens with this nutritious and vitamin-packed smoothie.
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Why Take Probiotics? Here are the Best Reasons

If you’re interested in high performance, gut health, or improved health, probiotics might have some very valuable benefits. But, you need to make sure you are taking the right strain. Read More

Why You Should Never Buy A Supplement Again (Unless It Has This Label)

The supplement industry — one that has estimated global sales of nearly 100 billion — just had its dirtiest secret uncovered (yet again) in the most dramatic of ways. Here's how you can stay protected and safe.  Read More

4 Ways To Make Your Diet More Effective

What if you never had to diet, count calories, or obsess over the foods you ate?

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Decoding the Diet: The Truth About Lectins

In a world where almost any food is capable of presenting a health concern, there is a new movement that suggests something that seems almost impossible to be true: are compounds found in fruits and vegetables making you sick and fat?

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How to Keep Your Mind Right and Boost Willpower (In and Out of the Gym)

If you're having trouble with any behavioral change -- whether it's losing weight or stopping smoking -- oftentimes, the problem is not planning Read More

Does Eating At Night Cause Weight Gain?

When you eat is not as important as how much you consume or the foods you choose to enjoy. Your body does not store more fat at night -- or any time or hour of the day. And your metabolism does not slow down in the evening hours. Weight gain (and loss) is more directly affected by what you eat and how much. Read More

Does Eating Small Meals Improve Fat Loss?

When it comes to fat loss, your body doesn’t burn more calories if you eat more frequently. Your metabolism is dependent on how many calories you eat in a day. Eating more meals or even smaller snacks does not improve your metabolism more than having fewer, bigger meals.

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What's The Beef With The Carnivore Diet?

What does a dietitian think of the "Carnivore Diet?" Here's an inside look at how it works, and what it can actually do for your health. Read More

What is Prop 65? (And What You Need To Look For)

California’s Proposition 65 requires warnings labels on products that may contain chemicals known to the state to cause cancer, birth defects or reproductive issues.  Read More

How to Make Caffeine More Effective

Are you taking too much caffeine? If you drink coffee or use pre-workout supplements, it's an often overlooked question that you'll want to consider. Read More

Brown Rice vs. Pea Protein: What’s Better for Muscle and Health?

Brown rice and pea protein are plant-based protein sources that are vegan, soy-free alternatives to popular protein powders like whey and casein. But, they are definitely not equal and have different benefits and drawbacks. Read More

Whey Vs. Plant Protein: Is One Healthier Than The Other?

If you’re going to supplement with protein, make sure you're fueling with high-quality protein powder. Whether you're looking for the best muscle building supplements, or just need a good meal replacement, here's the difference between whey and plant protein. Read More

How to Choose the Best Vegan Protein Powder to Fuel Your Workouts

Most plant proteins are incomplete and don’t contain all of the amino acids your body needs. If you want the best, high-quality plant protein powder, these are your best options. Read More

Why The World Health Organization Approves of Carrageenan

According to the World Health Organization, carrageenan is safe and does not present any health risks. Here's how one bad study created a myth about a fake toxin. Read More

What the Best Trainers and Nutritionists Look For In Safe Supplements

There's a loophole in the supplement industry that makes it easy for bad supplements to be sold. Rather than rely on marketing, here are a few tips to ensure you get what your body needs, and avoid all the dangerous products on the market. Read More

Which Sources of Protein Are The Best?

Not all proteins are created equal. This quick guide will help you know how to pick the right high-quality proteins that will ensure you achieve your diet goals. Read More

Collagen Protein: The Good, The Bad, The Overhyped

Are collagen’s benefits too good to be true? There are plenty of reasons to take collagen -- but only of a few are supported by science. Read More

The Benefits of Creatine: 7 Reasons Why It'll Upgrade Your Health

Creatine may be the most-studied supplement on Earth. And the more we learn, the more benefits it has. Creatine can help everything from fat loss and muscle gain to brain health, longevity, and much more. Read More

The Protein Guide (And How to Upgrade Your Diet)

Whether your goal is losing weight or building muscle, protein has undeniable benefits. Here’s exactly how much protein you need — and the best foods to eat — to instantly upgrade your diet. Read More

Is Sugar Toxic? Here's What the World's Best Nutritionists Want You To Know

You don’t need to completely remove sugar from your diet to be healthy (sugar is in many fruits and vegetables), but being aware of where it’s hiding is your best bet to clean up your diet, feel better, and help fight weight gain. Read More