5 Health-Boosting Benefits That Make Greens Supplements Worth Trying

Greens supplements offer a convenient way to get more vitamins and minerals in your diet. But, certain ingredients are more likely to give you the essential nutrients your body needs most.  Read More

Understanding Casein and Micellar Casein

As far as protein goes, any high-quality complete protein is a great foundation for muscle gain, fat loss, and improved recovery. But combining a couple of different protein sources might help give your body an additional boost. Read More

What are Vitamin D3 Benefits?

Not all Vitamin D supplements are equal. Research shows that Vitamin D3 might be the best version to help with everything from supporting a healthy immune system to strengthening your bones. Read More

Supplements for Inflammation: What Works (and What Doesn’t)

Your body needs some inflammation but wants to fight others. Here are the supplements that actually work to keep you healthy. Read More

The Running Nutrition Guide: What to Eat Before and After Runs

Our bodies are complicated machines. Running is a great way to keep yourself fit and healthy, but there’s more to it than just putting your sneakers on. Read More

Does Protein Make You Gain Excess Weight?

Gaining weight or "bulk" occurs when you consume too many calories, period. Improving your protein intake can lead you to consume fewer calories.  Read More

Is Collagen Protein Better Than Whey?

Buying a protein powder used to be easy. Now, you have multiple types of whey and collagen protein. Here's the difference between the different proteins and what is best for your goals. Read More

BCAA vs. Protein Powder: Which Should You Take for Your Workout?

Many people consider BCAAs one of the best supplements for muscle gain, fat loss, and recovery. And yet, the science behind the effectiveness of BCAAs is surprisingly empty. Read More

How to Get Lean (And Not Regain The Weight)

The art of fat loss is all about the things you do other than lowering calories. Follow these six simple steps to finally get leaner and stay that way. Read More

Should You Skip Breakfast?

To breakfast or not to breakfast: as a dietitian, it’s a question I get asked a lot. A new study shows that eating breakfast causes weight gain. Here's what you need to know (and whether breakfast is best for you). Read More

What is Beta-Alanine? (And Does it Cause Tingling?)

Beta-alanine is a natural amino acid that plays an essential role in fighting fatigue and helping you get more out of every workout. Read More

How to Get Back on Track After A Diet Splurge

A blowout meal or two doesn’t have to derail your fitness or weight-loss goals. Here are 3 simple tricks to keep you on track without complete diet restriction. Read More

The 4 Best Muscle Building Supplements

Science shows that you can add -- on average -- half a pound of muscle per week. Want to maximize your gains? Here how to optimize your muscle-building goals. Read More

Why Carbs Are So Important For Hydration

If you're active, the last thing you need to worry about it carbs. They play a key role in performance and recovery. Here's how much your body needs. Read More

11 Reasons Why Protein is Essential for Muscle Recovery

Protein is underrated when it comes to muscle recovery, and has many benefits ranging from boosting endurance to reducing soreness and increasing strength. Read More

Why The Health Benefits of Coffee Are Better Than You Thought

Coffee is considered one of the true “super foods,” as it is linked to many positive health outcomes, such as fighting against cancer, protecting your arteries, improving brain health, and helping exercise performance.  Read More

Are Fat Loss Pills Worthless?

If you want to lose weight -- and keep it off -- taking fat loss pills is the least effective approach. That said, if you’re looking for a small boost to help your body burn fat, there are a few ingredients that might help. In particular, caffeine, Coleus Forskholii, and Yohimbine, have evidence that supports their ability to assist with how your body burns fat -- just don’t expect those ingredients alone to create change.

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A Day-in-the-Life of Dr. Abbie Smith-Ryan

Dr. Abbie Smith-Ryan is considered one of the leaders in sports nutrition and was honored as Nutrition Researcher of the Year by the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA). These are her tips for living a healthier, more nutritious life. Read More

Why Take Probiotics? Here are the Best Reasons

If you’re interested in high performance, gut health, or improved health, probiotics might have some very valuable benefits. But, you need to make sure you are taking the right strain. Read More

Why You Should Never Buy A Supplement Again (Unless It Has This Label)

The supplement industry — one that has estimated global sales of nearly 100 billion — just had its dirtiest secret uncovered (yet again) in the most dramatic of ways. Here's how you can stay protected and safe.  Read More

4 Ways To Make Your Diet More Effective

What if you never had to diet, count calories, or obsess over the foods you ate?

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Decoding the Diet: The Truth About Lectins

In a world where almost any food is capable of presenting a health concern, there is a new movement that suggests something that seems almost impossible to be true: are compounds found in fruits and vegetables making you sick and fat?

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