The bravest thing you can do is believe in yourself. But, this is much harder than it appears. With endless distractions, unknowns, and self-doubt, it's easy for life to have a way of weakening your mindset without you even being aware that it's happening. 

After helping hundreds of thousands of people push through their Peloton rides, there are a few things I've (Alex Toussaint) learned about building a bulletproof mindset that can help you through any workout, and -- more importantly -- make it easier to push through any difficult situation. Follow these three tips to find your purpose and remove your limitations. 

Mindset tip #1: Inhale Your Confidence, Exhale Your Doubt

It’s completely natural to feel self-doubt from time to time. But, it's important to recognize that self-doubt can hold you back from taking that next step in your career, in training, and in relationships.

It takes discipline and commitment but you have to learn to let your belief overcome your doubt. That might require you to take a step out of your comfort zone (and we all know how scary that can be considering its unfamiliar territory), but train your mind to embrace the challenge. Use your confidence to attract everything that will push you towards your highest good. The result is new energy, new mindset, new ideas, new hustle, and -- ultimately -- new execution that can help you overcome your doubt.  

Mindset Tip #2: Embrace The 1-Hour Rule

I truly believe in protecting your energy at all times. It’s so easy to let the small problems in your day throw you off your game. That doesn't mean you need to avoid problems. However, it does require you to believe that your personal energy is so valuable that you must put boundaries on the amount of space you give those problems.

If you refuse to allow any negativity to take up more than one hour of your day, then you won't let it weaken your mindset. Make that commitment to yourself and you'll see that it goes a long way in not only creating but also maintaining a stronger will. And when that happens, you're able to dedicate your energy to things that will push you forward rather than spending it on things designed to hold you back. 

Mindset Tip #3: Let Discipline Guide When Motivation Won't

Let’s be real: nobody gets up 365 days in the year and feels completely motivated at all times, myself included. It’s so easy to lose motivation and, sometimes, it can be the most challenging to get it back. Instead of trying to "find" motivation rely on habits you build to get you through the toughest moments.

Consistency in your discipline will allow you to stay focused when your motivation waivers. Be disciplined in creating rituals, not resolutions. Be disciplined in allowing your belief to overcome your doubt. Doing so will validate your own greatness and help you through any situation and accomplish your goals regardless of circumstance.